10 crafts for advertising logo production

Production process for signage
Main process of corrosion of stainless steel

10 crafts for advertising logo production

The advertising logo is made up of a wide range of processes, and as long as it is expressive and decorative, it can be adopted by the signage process. According to the identification circle, the bronze etch has certainly had its historical glory, or it is still used today, but nowadays it is not the mainstream; and the use of high-tech processing means is to improve the development direction of advertising logo taste.

In fact, there are many materials for signage; commonly used are acrylic, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, iron plate, PVC, stickers, etc.; commonly used processes are: laser, baking varnish, silk screen, welding, plating, corrosion, etc.; The combination of materials and craftsmanship allows us to achieve the full range of effects our customers want.

1, backlit three-dimensional words

2, stainless steel plating word

3, stainless steel paint base plate with stainless steel metal word

4, stainless steel paint cut surface shape with UV print text

5, stainless steel oblique wood grain paint with flat stickers

6, stainless steel card shape base with acrylic card

7, wood carving, paint crossword

8, wooden bottom plate with acrylic card

9, wood carving profiled shape

10, flat sticker