Advantages and characteristics of electroformed signage

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Advantages and characteristics of electroformed signage

Electroformed signage is in its infancy in China, and its excellent characteristics and extensive use have created strong business opportunities. Therefore, practitioners in the advertising industry seize the opportunity to stabilize the market and let electroformed signage bring greater auxiliary value to more products.

In daily life, the application of signage is very common. Some are used for advertising, some are used to convey information, and some are used as a warning. There are also many types of signs, including ordinary metal signs, electroformed signs and digital signs. That's why there is a sign making business.

The following is the scope and production process of electroformed signs:

The scope of use of electroformed signs: electroformed signs are made of copper, nickel and gold. The surface is bright, the periphery is smooth, the graphics are accurate, and the weather resistance is particularly good. Therefore, electroformed signs are high-grade signs. Electroforming signs are simple, inexpensive, and high-grade signs. In addition, it uses strong self-adhesive paste, which is very convenient to use, so the use area is very wide. It is especially suitable for nameplates and decorative plates of small and medium-sized light industrial products such as metal, painted, plastic, wood, and leather. The combination of electroforming technology and refraction, three-dimensional, crystal glue and other technologies can play a more unique effect.

1. Surface effect of electroformed sign

There are two materials of nickel, copper + nickel, and the surface can be made into bright, matte and brushed three effects.

2. Color

Gold, silver, gun, black, red, rose red and other colors.


The general thickness is 0.1MM, and it can also be 0.03--0.15MM thick. The size, specifications, packaging, and delivery time are according to customer requirements. As long as the customer sends a draft and explains the specifications, our company can arrange proofing produce.

4. How to use

Metal material, self-adhesive preparation, easy and fast paste, strong metal three-dimensional sense, easy to deform, bright color, exquisite and gorgeous, good decoration for signage Etc.} and easy to clean