Characteristics of traditional metal sign technology

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Characteristics of traditional metal sign technology

The characteristics of traditional metal sign crafts: The endless stream of traditional metal crafts of the Chinese nation touches on many aspects of the use of material life and energy and living habits.

Now we clarify the characteristics of traditional metal crafts from the aspects of art and civilization.

Artistic characteristics: Traditional metal craftsmanship is neither pure art nor pure skills. Different metals can produce different visual and tactile aesthetics through different processing tips and technological procedures. The beauty of metal craftsmanship is the connection between the beauty of materials, craftsmanship and art.

Civilization characteristics: Traditional metal crafts are valuable resources of prehistory. Art is to find the source of civilization in the constant return. However, the metal technology of traditional signage is the "root", and it is a civilized method. Today, with the rapid opening of information, the inheritance of handicrafts and the root of modern depiction have become important topics opened by metal technology.