Corrosion metal sign making process detailed

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Corrosion metal sign making process detailed

Corrosion metal sign making process

Corroded metal signs are also called etched signs. Mainly check the convex metal metal sign or the concave metal sign made by masking and etching after three steps. Corrosion metal sign making process:

1) Unloading: According to the requirements of the drawings (the size of the layout), the edges are not less than 5mm. The 720 type pedal shearing machine is used for shearing, which requires a smooth surface and no gross margin.

2) Metal corrosion sign surface treatment:

(1) Mechanical polishing: The polishing material is mechanically polished with a 2.2-4 kW polishing machine, and the cloth wheel uses a 300-350 motor speed of 2000-3000 rpm.

(2) Alkali treatment: The metal plate is boiled with 10-15% sodium hydroxide in an aqueous solution at 65-85 ° C for 10-30 seconds, then washed with water, and immersed in a 5% aqueous solution of dicarboxylic acid.

(3) Powder treatment method: use a flat brush to rub the old powder (double powder) to clean the plate evenly by the cross method, until the stain is removed, or the effect of oxygen skin is removed, and then a 5% potassium dichromate solution is used. Closed in the middle.

(4) Wire drawing treatment method: The surface of the metal plate is subjected to wire drawing by mechanical or manual drawing to achieve the metal surface regeneration effect.