Digital signage and metal signage

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Digital signage and metal signage

There are many forms of signage. Metal signage is a very versatile form. Now digital signage is also very popular, but each has its own advantages. The service life of metal signage is generally longer than digital signage. And it can display far more content than metal signs, but once encountered some environmental or man-made reasons, digital signs can not play a role. And digital signage is more expensive to maintain than metal signage. After all, electronic products, technology and parts are an expense.

1. Maintain the humidity of the environment where the digital signage is used, and do not let anything with the nature of moisture enter your digital signage. Powering on a digital signage that contains moisture can result in corrosion of the digital signage parts and cause permanent damage.

2. To avoid possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection, try to keep the items that may cause damage to the digital signage away from the screen, and wipe the screen as gently as possible when cleaning the screen to reduce the possibility of injury. Minimized.

3. Digital signage has the closest relationship with our users, and it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance. Long-term exposure to outdoor wind, sun, dust, etc. Over time, the screen must be a piece of dust, which needs to be cleaned in time to prevent the dust from wrapping the surface for a long time to affect the viewing effect.

4. It is required that the power supply is stable and the grounding is well protected. Do not use it in harsh natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather. 5. Water, iron powder and other conductive metal objects are strictly forbidden in the screen. Digital signage should be placed in a low-dust environment as much as possible. A large amount of dust will affect the display effect, and too much dust will cause damage to the circuit. If water enters for various reasons, please cut off the power immediately and contact the maintenance personnel until the display panel inside the screen is dry before using.

6. Switch sequence of digital signage:

    A: Turn on the control computer to enable it to run normally, and then turn on the large screen of digital signage.
    B: Turn off the digital signage screen first, then turn off the computer.
7. Don't stay in full white, full red, full green, full blue and other bright screens for a long time during playback, so as not to cause excessive current, excessive heating of the power cord, and damage to the LED lights, which will affect the display life. Do not disassemble or splice the screen body at will.

8. It is recommended that digital signage have a rest period of more than 2 hours per day. Digital signage should be used at least once a week during the rainy season. Generally turn on the screen at least once a month and light up for more than 2 hours.

9. The surface of the digital signage can be wiped with a dry cloth, or dust can be removed with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. It cannot be wiped directly with a wet cloth.

10. The digital signage needs to be checked regularly for normal operation and the line is damaged. If it is not working, it must be replaced in time. If the line is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced in time. Digital signage internal circuit, non-professionals are forbidden to touch to avoid electric shock or damage to the line; if there is a problem, please have the professional perform maintenance.