Font processing method in sign making

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Font processing method in sign making

Signage production, that is, the production and processing of different styles of signs, the use of different materials, different designs, different appearances in the production process, of which, there are many types of font processing methods, we introduce you one by one:

First, the sign making sandblasting: At present, there are many professional audio products that require font sandblasting. This process is more complicated than the above two. After the sandblasting of the entire sign, it must be oxidized after sandblasting, because some customers require the bottom. To have a color (such as black, blue), then the entire sign must be sprayed into the color that the customer wants. After the spray is dried, the paint on the surface of the font is wiped off with a chemical solution.

Second, the highlight: also use the diamond knife to sculpt the paint on the surface of the sign.

Third, bronzing: First of all, the surface of the font should be polished to a smooth surface, and then bronzing processing.

Pulling: Pull the paint on the surface of the sign with a pulling machine, and the grain can be selected according to the customer's requirements. V. Batch flower: The normal slope of the grain is 45 degrees. Different lines can be made according to customer requirements, usually with diagonal, reverse twill, arc, straight, CD and sun.

Signage production, seemingly very simple and very small things, there are very complicated and very professional production techniques, so that we see a lot of different signs in the real life, decorate the urban environment.