Gold foil medal making tools

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Gold foil medal making tools

Gold foil medal production process:

     1. The content that needs to be produced such as medals, business cards, badges, and department cards is arranged in the computer. Pay attention to the required size such as medals, and then print it on transparencies using a color inkjet printer or photo machine (must be set to mirror printing and print on the ink-absorbing side of transparencies).

     2. Remove the transparent transparent double-sided tape by hand (the transparent transparent double-sided tape has protective layers on both sides, one side is transparent layer and the other side is white liner paper layer). Left and right, be careful not to expose it too much, so as not to enter the dust, and mount the transparencies printed in step 1 with a laminator or cold laminator (it must not enter the air, otherwise the material will be invalid).

     3. Use a roller cutter to mount the printed film assembled in step 2 according to the internal dimensions of the gold foil medals and other materials. Then gently lift off one end of one side of the white transparent paper layer of high transparent double-sided adhesive. About centimeters, be careful not to lift it too large, so as not to enter the dust, and then laminate it with gold foil medals and other materials with a plastic sealer or cold laminator.

     4. At last, glue the double-sided adhesive tape around the back and the middle of the finished gold foil product (gold foil material) (usually it is best to choose ordinary double-sided adhesive tape with a width of 1-2 cm), and mix it with the wooden tray. (Wooden sign) Master the right and left distances to stick together, and the gold foil medal can be completed.