How to choose a house making company

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How to choose a house making company

Customers are often confused when choosing a house production company. From the following eight perspectives, they must be able to choose a suitable house production unit.

1 Design capabilities for house making. Mainly environmental art design.

2 Language ability. English skills are required to master international projects.

3 Picture production technology. Light box cloth film, inkjet (double-sided and single-sided spray); screen printing; acrylic molding;

4 Light box structure technology. Extruded aluminum alloy profile splicing structure. Aluminum welding. Stainless steel welded polished plated. Welding of steel structures. Descaling metal, baking car paint, or spraying plastic.

5 Electrical technology. Use electricity safely and use wires reasonably.

6 Neon vacuum technology. LED application technology. Fluorescent lamp application technology.

7 Aerial work technology. Installation of large outdoor signs. Design of steel structure.

8 Reasonable use of new materials made by houses. Use of new materials such as aluminum-plastic board, PC board, glass steel plate, PETG board, etc.