Screen printing is an economical process for creating graphics and colored logos for your equipment, panels or other items.

A mesh screen acts as a stencil and covers the metal surface, while a squeegee-type applicator applies inks and epoxies to your tag. The final step in the process is where a surface coat is applied to the nameplate, creating a seal for your color and extending your decal’s lifespan.

The screen-printing process provides vivid, colorfast images with durability and high resolution.

Additional protection from UV, chemicals and abrasion can be obtained with MS’s over lamination capabilities.

Screen-printing can be applied to our metallic and non-metallic materials. Common uses include asset tags, identification nameplates, equipment overlays and labels.

PRINTABLE MATERIALS FLEXIBLES: Vinyl, Polyester, Polycarbonate.

METALS: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Decals, Safety Labels, Signs, Nameplates, Serial Tags, Graphic Overlays and Dead-Front Panel Overlays, Control Panels etc.