Identify the relationship between signage design and key elements

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Identify the relationship between signage design and key elements

1. Signage and speed:

When people are moving at different speeds, their vision is changing. The faster the speed, the more the vision of the object in the field of vision drops. The specific visual acuity reduction must be verified by experiments. If the standard specifications are formulated, a large number of experiments and investigations must be carried out.

2. Signage shape:

The shape of the sign, especially the shape of the traffic sign must conform to the national or international standards. In the case of no standard, it is necessary to pay attention to the principle of easy identification and non-conformity.

According to the human factor experiment, the larger the signage under the same line of sight, the shorter the recognition time of the person, and the longer the recognition time, the size setting depends on how long we expect to complete the identification. Of course, the size is the normal human vision. It can also be seen at the farthest point of the set line of sight. On the highway, the vehicle travels fast, and the driver must complete the identification in a very short time, so the highway sign is much larger than the size of the sign on the general city road.

On a brand, how many words to write, how many symbols or patterns to mark, are all rules, first of all the size must be visible, and then one can read in the desired identification time.

Whether the sign is clear or not has a great relationship with the color used. The same size of the sign is also seen from the same distance. The color of the sign and the color of the above text are different. It is very different whether it can be seen and how long it takes to identify it. In general, the higher the alert level, the more vivid the color used and the greater the color contrast.

  Guided sign design principles and real problems

1. Visible and readable principle At present, the guiding signs on the domestic urban roads are very irregular in size. They are often not used as a brand for people to read, but as art works. There are many kinds of goods. To the role of the guiding path.

2, the principle of non-ambiguity-oriented signage and its marked functional attributes, location, path direction should be one-to-one correspondence, can not be ambiguous. There are many signs on the domestic roads, such as the city in front. There is a brand in Guangzhou South China to write ahead of Beijing. The person who knows knows that because of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, it means the starting point of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway. It is Beijing, but how many people can think so in extreme times. What is more serious is that if people who don't understand China's geographical environment think that Beijing is in Guangzhou, it will be a big difference. I don't know that Beijing is thousands of miles away. The guide signs are for strangers, and if you are familiar with the geographical environment, you can walk in a car. In addition, the guiding signs should refer to the location of the road or the location of the road, and the guiding signs are used in conjunction with the map. The items on the map cannot be moved to the sign.

3, the number of moderate, concise and clear principles Guide signs can not be set too small to find the place to go, and can not cause too much interference or waste. At present, there is an increasingly chaotic trend in China's cities. Guide signs are crowded with store signs and billboards, which are difficult to identify. It may be time to clean up. There are quite a few cities in China, and in some areas even most of the guiding signs need to be replaced.

4. The signage system system is continuously closed. The role of the guide signage is to let the traveler or the driver know that the position he is in is guided according to the signage into the selected path, so the guidance is continuous. There will be an experience in driving in many cities in China, that is, following the guiding signs, the signs or locations where the signs or the forks are suddenly missing or marked and inconsistent with the front guidance are very annoying. However, it greatly reduces the safety and efficiency of road use.