Metal nameplate attributes and scope of application

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Metal nameplate attributes and scope of application

The metal nameplate is a general term for metal signs and nameplate products. It is mainly made of copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, titanium, nickel and stainless steel. It is stamped, die-casted, etched, printed, painted, engraved, polished, and plated. Processed and processed. Here are some of the properties and scope of the metal signage:

  1. Aluminum signage has excellent exquisiteness: aluminum has excellent ductility and is advantageous for molding processing. The production method is diversified, easy to color, and colorful in style. Suitable for furniture, doors and windows, electrical appliances, home appliances, mechanical equipment, computer chassis, electronic components, decorative panels and many other fields.

  2. The copper sign is highly decorative: it has a retro style, a classic style, high-grade and calm, luxurious and unique taste, with its quaint excellence. Suitable for high-grade mahogany furniture, security doors, retro furniture products.

  3. Stainless steel signage metal texture is good: the appearance is exquisite and elegant, the color is uniform and the durability is excellent. Usually made by corrosion or printing process, suitable for outdoor signs, department cards, signs, medals, licensing cards, electromechanical boxes, mechanical equipment, hotel supplies, kitchen cabinets, sanitary ware, bathroom products.

  4. Zinc alloy signage has high mechanical properties: it can die-cast various complex and thin-walled castings with good electroplating properties and room temperature performance. Applicable to luggage LOGO and decorative accessories, auto parts, bathroom accessories, door industry, furniture, electrical appliances and other signs.

  5. Nickel sign is also called metal label: it has excellent processing performance and excellent decorative effect. Its characteristics are noble and eye-catching, luster, fashion, unique craftsmanship, high technical content, and easy to use. Suitable for mobile phones, equipment, home appliances, chassis, display, audio, packaging boxes, belt buckles, musical instruments and many other products.