Method for making metal sign

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Sign making process

Method for making metal sign

Metal sign production: refers to the use of copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal plates processed using different manufacturing processes, with instructions for use, trademark identification, switch instructions, equipment nameplates, craft products advertising decoration, etc. Nature signage.

Sign making

Common metal signs include flat sun sign, silk screen sign, corrosion sign, electroplating, electroforming sign, heat transfer sign and sandblasting sign.

(1) Flat sun sign: the use of photosensitive sun sign to dissolve different colors into the film and make it appear on the metal plate by the development method, so as to achieve the purpose of explaining meaning.

(2) Silk-screen signs: Resin-based inks are used for screen printing on the surface of the board after the pre-treatment, and then processes such as gloss retention and lamination can be used to produce various exquisite colored silk-screen signs.

(3) Corrosive signs: Corrosive signs are also etched signs. Mainly check the convex label or concave label made by the three steps of masking and post-etching processing.

(4) Electroplating and electroforming signs: It is also known as the piled gold sign, which is made by screen printing or photosensitive

(5) Thermal transfer label: It is a special panel generated by the surface treatment process of the metal sheet, and then the color picture you designed is printed on the transfer paper by inkjet printing, and it is reversed by heating. Sign made from metal plate.

(6) Sandblasting sign: Use computer lettering method to paste the engraved instant stickers on the metal plate, sandblast the text and graphics to form a sand surface effect, and then perform oxidation treatment to make the metal plate Appears a placer gold effect.