Need to pay attention to screen printing of acrylic signs

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Need to pay attention to screen printing of acrylic signs

Acrylic signs often require screen printing during processing. Screen printing is very important in the production of acrylic signs. What issues do we need to pay attention to? The following describes in detail the precautions for screen printing in the production of acrylic signs:

Printing inks should use high-gloss, friction-resistant acrylic inks, especially matte inks should not be used for surface printing, because this ink is not resistant to friction and its color is not gorgeous. Outdoor light boxes and signs should also use imported inks with good light resistance to resist strong light exposure and extend their service life.

Acrylic size cutting should be consistent, the adjacent two sides are at a 90 ° angle and the thickness is uniform. According to the size of the print screen, leave a margin properly, and after printing is finished, trim the excess margin. For multi-color overprinting or four-color printing, magnetic white or transparent organic boards should be used. Magnetic whiteboards are used for front printing, and transparent plates are used for reverse printing.

If the dust adheres to the screen, the text and color blocks will be incomplete and waste products will appear. Therefore, printing must be performed in a clean and dust-free room. Surface dust can be removed in two steps. First, wipe the surface dust with a damp cotton cloth, and then use an electrostatic dust brush or a dust roller to remove the remaining dust. When printing, check while printing. If problems are found, clean the screen in time before printing.