Plastic and metal nameplates go to the high-end market

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Plastic and metal nameplates go to the high-end market

In recent years, plastic and metal nameplate products have been continuously developed in China. China has become a big country in plastics and hardware, and China is faced with the road of resource integration, brand promotion and credibility.

How to create a brand that matches the market of plastic and metal nameplates is an issue that we urgently need to solve. With the entry of the WTO, a large number of internationally renowned brands have to flood into China, which is a huge impact on China's traditional nameplate industry.

At any time, we have upgraded the production mode, invested a large number of modern automatic processing equipment, recruited professional technical management personnel, and bid farewell to the traditional processing mode. Mainly in the high-end market with fast, exquisite and high-quality nameplate products, customers can order according to actual requirements: plastic nameplate, metal nameplates such as copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and nickel.

It will take a long time to enlarge and strengthen the nameplate industry. This is inevitable. In the process of internationalization, we must meet challenges, build a platform, and integrate resources. What we urgently need to solve is energy saving, brand enhancement, multi-faceted utilization, and reduced loss. Our goal is to catch up with Taiwan, catch up with Europe and the United States, and compete with the world's advanced enterprises.