Custom printing brushed aluminium embossed labels Anodized industrial nameplates Permanent adhesive metal logo stickers

Custom letter logo metal label for leather handbags
Cabinet drawer tag label holder metal label holder


Screen Pritning

CMYK Printing
A basic and popular way to display aluminum, stainless steel plates,tags,lables
Etching & Color Fill
Etching is a process by which a chemical is used to remove (etch) targeted areas of a particular metal. These etched areas can then be filled with colorful enamels and baked for a lasting permanence.
Stamped with a sunk or raised design.


Created with the use of a metallic solution. Placing a mould into the electrically charged current causes a build up of particles, which over time bind together to form the badge, label or nameplate.
Laser Engraving
Specialized in logo, signages, lettering, serialization and barcoding

Diamond Cutting

An elegant way for logo nameplates,signages,branding names.

The process involves embossing graphics and using a rapidly rotating industrial diamond to cut the surface of the aluminum.