Professional wine label printing

Two-sided printed laser wine label wine bottle sticker
Custom Printed Waterproof Synthetic Paper Adhesive Wine Bottle Label

Whether to import:No
Custom processing: Yes
Shape: square, rectangle, irregular shape, circle, oval
Material: Copper plate sticker, special paper, imported paper, other
Scope of use: Wine label Use of film type varnish matt oil, other

Self-adhesive series product information:
Product Information: Square, Rectangle, Oval, Round, Irregular Shape
Product style: can be customized,
Production process: UV convex oil process, cold stamping process, reverse frosting process, double-layer process, double-sided printing process, bronzing process
Product materials: light silver material, synthetic paper material, brushed silver material, double transparent material, plain laser material, special paper material, coated paper material, transparent BOPP material, pearlescent film material
Price Description: Custom made according to product specifications and quantity process