Zinc alloy charm

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Stamping silk screen printing plate zinc alloy wine label

1. Material: copper material, zinc alloy, iron material, aluminum material

2, process: pressure punching, die casting, car copper, etched plate, color, soft enamel, silk screen, stickers, laser

3. Surface treatment: gold plating, pearl gold plating, gold plating, gold plating, silver plating, pearl plating, silver plating, silver plating, white nickel plating, ancient nickel plating, nickel plating, white plating Nickel, black nickel plating, ancient tin plating, bronze plating, ancient bronze plating, red copper plating, ancient copper plating, chrome plating, pearl plating

4, size: a variety of sizes to choose from

5, Epoxy is available for selection

6, accessories to choose from

7, color: according to international color card and Pantone color card

8. Packing: 1PCS/OPP bag, the appropriate amount into the middle bag, and finally into the carton.