Zinc alloy Customized high quality luggage metal signage

Stamping silk screen printing plate zinc alloy wine label
Wine red wine label metal sign zinc alloy aluminum standard

Main processes: die casting, polishing, grinding, sand sweeping, electroplating, coloring, spot drilling.

Surface treatments include electrophoresis, baking, spraying, and dusting.

1. Zinc alloy is used as a raw material to be cast by die casting machine. After polishing, electroplating and coloring the finished product, it can be used as an export product standard. Product texture, fullness and rust resistance are excellent. Surface smoothness, color, brightness, etc. after plating can achieve the desired results.

2. The main body of the product is mostly formed at one time. There are also assembly processes such as nailing, screwing and lagging. After assembly, the product is firm and firm. The sign pins have good toughness, good hardness, flexible operation, easy installation, no deformation, and long-lasting function.

3. The design is unique, light, exquisite, beautiful, giving people a bright eye. Decorative sense is very good, product impact resistance is strong; leather shoes, clothing, handbags, furniture, high-end wine bottles (boxes), tea boxes, luggage handbags, doors, cars and other leather products are indispensable hardware accessories.