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Professional copper nameplate manufacturer

Thanks to the corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and rust resistance of stainless steel itself, stainless steel signs have a significantly longer service life than other metal and non-metal signs. In some electronic products, large machinery, customers like to use stainless steel signs. Based on the use environment of stainless steel signs, customers are generally recommended to use water glue. The water gel has a temperature resistance of 80 ° C and a low temperature of -40 ° C. In the operation, the label is placed directly in the reserved position in the product. Other commonly used glues include adhesives, sun glue, etc. Engineers will choose the right glue according to the customer's environment for the sign. No matter what kind of glue, we will try our best to meet the needs of our customers and provide our customers with the best quality brand service.

The preliminary production was completed by zinc alloy die casting and stamping process. The semi-finished product of the zinc alloy sign is polished. In the process of electroplating the product. After the plating is completed, the zinc alloy sign is colored. Finally, select qualified products, package and leave the factory. It is important to note that the surface protection layer of the zinc alloy label requires professional plating and spray treatment. If you want to do multi-color, you need a multi-color pad printing process.

Many things are about color matching, just like a painting. If there is no color, then it is definitely not a complete work. The sign is actually the same, its surface color can be designed to be colorful according to different needs. However, purely colorful and beautiful, it is not a substitute for its practicality. Color is not only decorative, more functional, and the unity of the two, which is called the scientific and practical application of color. The customary color in the special environment, although already used by people, still has sufficient scientific basis when initially determining its color, so these popular colors have always been used by people. For example, things that are conspicuous are generally red, because people are most sensitive to colors such as red, which also have strong penetration and transmission capabilities.

In short, the nameplate of the equipment (that is, the metal signs used on equipment, instruments, and machinery); the most basic parameters that need to be supplied to the nameplate manufacturer, that is, the specifications of the equipment nameplate, are required for production. Metal signage is used more and more in all fields of modern society; it is everywhere in our side, such as: common household appliances, electronic digital, gift box packaging, card labeling, money and other goods that can be seen everywhere. Metal signage is not only a small item attached to the product, but also a consumer's identification of a product through the label on the product. It is a guarantee for consumers to buy with confidence. It is also a signage for enterprises. The embodiment of the concept and quality of the consumer.