Several ways to install signage

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Several ways to install signage

The function and appearance of the identification sign are closely related to the installation method. The installation method is roughly divided into the following types according to the different installation foundations and manufacturing processes:


This method is widely used. Adhesives used are glass glue, AB glue, foam glue, universal glue, sponge glue, double-sided tape, chloroform, structural glue and so on. According to the different materials and foundations, the length of use time, the installation environment differences, indoor and outdoor wet and dry, temperature difference and other conditions, choose the appropriate adhesive.

2, hanging fixed

This is a method for some hemming logos, which are larger, heavier, and filled with foam. First determine the punching point, use an impact drill to drill holes, nail rubber plugs and self-tapping screws. When using only one screw, you must punch the mark along the middle part of the mark to keep it level, and then hang the mark hem on the screw After adjusting the position, seal the glass glue around and fix it.

3.Hanging type

This is also used for some hemming signs. For example, if the wall base is marble, glass, stainless steel, etc., perforation is not allowed, and it is more solid and flat, this method is more suitable. First measure the position, use AB glue to stick materials such as organic edges or corner aluminum on the wall, then hang the logo fold, fine-adjust the position, and fix with glass glue.


The hanging chain materials used in this method mainly include iron chains, steel cables, hanging fish wire, cable ties, etc., and suitable lifting materials are used according to indoor and outdoor environments, sign weights and other special requirements.

5.Pull and pull screw fixing

This method is suitable for situations where the ground foundation is a concrete structure and the signs do not need to be moved. For example, street signs and parking lot signs are mostly used in this way.

6, landfill

It is suitable for the case where the ground is a soil structure, and the sign does not need to be moved. According to the size and height of the sign, determine how much concrete is used for the digging pit. Pay attention to the surrounding environment during construction. Must not be damaged.

7, floor type

According to the design requirements, the logo can be placed in the corresponding position.

8. Decorative screw fixing

This method is designed in advance, and the design draft has clearly stated that generally this method is used for acrylic board clip painting, mainly because the positioning of the screws must be accurate, otherwise it cannot be installed correctly.