Signage Common Sense

Types and characteristics of advertising signs
Computer engraving signs and plate making

Signage Common Sense

What is a sign is literally understood as a sign with a sign on it, and it actually has the same meaning. It is a sign for making a logo, which is printed with text or patterns to convey what it wants to explain.

It has two functions: 1. It has the function of marking and marking. The signage mainly expresses its function through vision. For example: the text conveys that the symbol has the functions of symbolism, direction, suggestion and so on. The text style can show character, background, and meaning. The form and symbol together show symbolic and constructive meaning. 2. With advertising function: the signage can be used as a kind of information transmission medium, and can use text or graphics to achieve the purpose of publicity.

The signage also has 6 characteristics such as strong practicability, easy identification, obvious target, diverse forms, artistic sense, and accurate expression. Common signs are electroformed signs, Secretary signs, Bronze signs, Warning signs.

The materials used in the production of signs include:

Non-metallic materials: acrylic, double-color board, PVC, organic glass, wood and other signs.

Metal material: stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy, brass, aluminum plate and other signs.

Ceramic material: pure ceramic, cermet composite, glass