Signage considerations

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Signage considerations

Signage is widely used in daily life. Going to a mall to buy clothes or going to a supermarket to buy an item requires signage. Many merchants or enterprises often customize signs in batches to promote their own brands. , To print your own brand advertisement on it to achieve better brand promotion, then you know what you need to pay attention to when sign is customized?

1. Customized quantity

Before ordering, you need to communicate well with the manufacturer, and how many need to be customized. This will vary according to the number, and the discount will also be different. The minimum order quantity can only be customized by the manufacturer if it reaches this value.

Second, the material

Before ordering, we must understand its material and make sure what kind of material to choose. At present, the main plastic bag production materials are polyethylene and polypropylene, the former is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and the latter is toxic, harmful and not environmentally friendly, so the scope of use and the use are very different. When ordering, it is necessary to choose the corresponding materials according to what your sign is used for.

3. Design

When customizing the signage, it is also very important for its entire design. Each business will have its own different characteristics and its own different logos. Then, when making plastic bags, I hope to put my own characteristics and logos directly in the plastic packaging bags, which is also a kind of advertising.

4. Size

It is generally customized according to the size provided by the user. The user cannot provide it. The manufacturer will provide several sample sizes for the user to choose.