The advantages and disadvantages of various metal signs

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The advantages and disadvantages of various metal signs

There are several choices for the material of the metal sign, and the scope of application is becoming wider and wider in various fields. In the selection of logo materials, we should pay attention to the selection of materials in accordance with the environment and conditions of the use of the logo. Because metal signs of different materials also have different advantages and disadvantages, we should be good at choosing.

Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of various metal signs:

1. Aluminum alloy sign, aluminum belongs to lighter metal, and has strong plasticity, which is convenient for grinding, cutting, and corresponding mechanical operations. And aluminum alloy signs have a strong metallic luster, suitable for spreading some high-level places as signs, of course, not only this, it can also be used in furniture, decoration, cars, operations, and other places where signs are required.

However, aluminum plates have corresponding defects due to their own characteristics. For example, the hardness is not good. When a strong external force is applied, the plate will be deformed, and the melting point of aluminum is low, so the aluminum plate will "die" quickly at high temperatures.

2. Stainless steel signs. Contrary to aluminum plates, stainless steel signs have strong rigidity and high strength. They are often used in outdoor scenarios where strong external forces may be encountered. Stainless steel also has many varieties, and different varieties have different strengths and plasticity.

And stainless steel signs are also often used for equipment nameplates of machinery manufacturers, because the mechanical equipment may be subjected to high temperatures, so the high melting point of stainless steel is coming in handy.

Defects of stainless steel signs: First of all, we must know that stainless steel is also attributed to iron, its density is very large, and therefore its weight is already long, which will cause great inconvenience to the transportation device.

3. Copper sign. The copper sign itself has a golden or bronze color, which makes many manufacturers demand it. For example, medals, gold medals and related gold-proof arts and crafts, during the production of the sign, a lot of processes will be used to transform the copper sign, bright colors, etc. Defects of the copper sign The copper sign has a heavy weight and a complicated manufacturing process.