The relationship between logo sign design and key elements

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The relationship between logo sign design and key elements

1. Signage and speed:

People's vision changes at different moving speeds. The faster the speed, the more the visual acuity of objects in the field of vision decreases. Exactly how much visual acuity has to be reduced must be verified through experiments. If a standard specification is to be developed, a large number of experiments and investigations must be performed to verify it.

2.Sign shape:

The shape of the sign, especially the shape of the traffic sign, must conform to national or international standards. In the absence of standard specifications, attention should be paid to the principles of easy identification and non-identity.

According to human factors experiments, the larger the sign at the same line-of-sight, the shorter the human recognition time, and the longer the recognition time, the size setting depends on how long we expect to complete the recognition, of course, first of all, this size is our normal human vision It can also be seen at the farthest point of the set line of sight. On highways, vehicles travel fast, and drivers must complete identification in a very short period of time, so highway signages are much larger than those on ordinary urban roads.

There are rules for how many words and symbols or patterns are written on a brand. The size must be visible first, and the other is that it can be read within the expected recognition time.

Whether the sign is clear or not has a lot to do with the color used. Looking at a sign of the same size at the same line-of-sight, the background color of the sign and the color of the text symbols above are different. Whether it is visible and how long it takes to identify is very different. In general, the higher the alert level, the brighter the colors used, and the greater the color contrast.

Guiding Sign Design Principles and Problems in Reality

1. The visible and readable principle. At present, the guide signs on urban roads in China are very irregular in size. They are often not regarded as human-readable signs, but rather as works of art. The role of directing the path.

2. The principle of non-ambiguity guide signs should have a one-to-one correspondence with their marked functional attributes, locations, and path directions, and must not be ambiguous.

3. Moderate quantity, simple and clear principles

4. The signage system is continuously closed

What needs to be further summarized and emphasized is:

1. The guide sign is set to highlight the function first, don't treat it as an ornament;

2. Guide signs are shown to strangers, so designers and founders should experience the psychology of travelers who are placed in a strange environment;

3. Except for some cases, most of the guide signs should point the way and not the place. What's ahead? Think about how many places in front of you are actually innumerable;

4. You can use codes and symbols without text, but the premise is clear meaning;

5. The location of the signage needs to be scientifically selected. It cannot be hidden in the trees, billboards, or roads 100 meters away from the intersection. Think about how you can see if you drive on a road perpendicular to it. What can you do if you can't see it?

6. The setting of signs should strictly abide by laws and regulations, and those without standards should also pay attention to standardization, pay attention to comply with people's behavior habits, and comply with international norms;

7. Pay attention to the training of professional talents and improve the professional level of design production and engineering construction;

8. Pay attention to introducing relevant knowledge of traffic engineering, human factors engineering, physiology, psychology and behavioral science into the design of guide signs;

9. Don't focus on major roads and large interchanges in major cities. You should spend a little money to standardize and gradually replace non-standard sign boards. This can sometimes be more effective than repairing major roads.