Ultra-thin self-adhesive electroformed sign

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Ultra-thin self-adhesive electroformed sign

Self-adhesive electroformed sign, also known as ultra-thin metal electroformed sign, metal patch, metal split self-adhesive sign, electroformed patch, electroformed trademark, electric logo, three-dimensional raised label, platinum label, gold label, metal Word-shift labeling, metal graphic labeling, etc. It mainly uses ASB, aluminum and other materials. It is refined by injection molding, electroplating, painting and other processes. Ultra-thin metal self-adhesive electroforming signage is a new type of metal embossing. Paste electroformed signs.

Golden ultra-thin self-adhesive electroformed sign, which highlights the honor of the product!

(Gold ultra-thin self-adhesive electroformed sign, usually bright silver)

Self-adhesive electroformed signage technology originated in Japan, South Korea, and has just been introduced to China in recent years. This product is a new signage product in the signage industry in recent years. Because of its exquisiteness, gorgeousness, strong visuals, fast fixation, high-grade and substrate (You can freely paste wood, acrylic, plastic, gift boxes, books, paper, crystal, metal, mobile phones, electrical metal paint, household appliances, glass, automobiles, motorcycles, glasses, telescopes, machinery and equipment, instruments, etc. All the soft and hard and materials) will make your product more effective, so it is loved by consumers.

  Self-adhesive electroformed sign material: 0.01mm-0.08mm thick, pliers, silver, gold and other precious metals.

  Features of self-adhesive electroformed signs: ultra-thin self-adhesive electroformed signs are exquisite and beautiful, noble and conspicuous, unique technology, high technical content, valuable substrates, ultra-thin products, and products with self-adhesive functions, simple and convenient sticking, fonts, The design of the pattern is good, the production proofing cycle is short, and the color is gold and silver, which can improve the grade of the product. Metal self-adhesive electroformed signs have no carrier, no conjoined body, outstanding theme, eye-catching effect, strong adhesive, fast and easy to use. So the product quickly became popular as soon as it appeared. It is now prevalent in Japan, South Korea, and other countries, and has been widely used in southern China.