Ultra-thin self-adhesive electroforming sign

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Ultra-thin self-adhesive electroforming sign

Self-adhesive electroforming signs, also known as ultra-thin metal electroforming signs, metal patches, metal split self-adhesive signs, electroformed patches, electroformed trademarks, electric signs, three-dimensional embossed stickers, platinum signs, gold signs, metal It is mainly used for ASB, aluminum and other materials. It is made of injection molding, electroplating, painting and other processes. The ultra-thin metal self-adhesive electroforming sign is a new type of metal embossing. Paste the electroformed sign.

The golden ultra-thin self-adhesive electroforming sign makes the product more distinguished!

(Golden ultra-thin self-adhesive electroforming signs, commonly used bright silver)

Self-adhesive electroforming signage technology originated in Japan, South Korea, and has just been introduced to China in recent years. This product is a new signage product in the sign industry in recent years, because the product is exquisite and gorgeous, visually strong, stick to the nail, high-grade and substrate. (You can paste wood, acrylic, plastic, gift box, book, paper, crystal, metal, mobile phone, electrical metal paint, household appliances, glass, automobile, motorcycle, glasses, telescope, machinery and equipment, instrumentation, etc. All the soft and hard materials and materials are effective in making your products better, which is very popular among consumers.

  Self-adhesive electroforming sign material: 0.01mm-0.08mm thick, pliers, silver, gold and other precious metals.

  Self-adhesive electroforming signs: ultra-thin self-adhesive electroforming signs are exquisite and beautiful, noble and eye-catching, unique in technology, high in technical content, precious in substrate, ultra-thin products, and self-adhesive, easy to stick, font, The design of the pattern is satisfactory, the production cycle is short, the color is gold and silver, which can improve the grade of the product. The metal self-adhesive electroforming sign has no carrier, no need to be connected, the theme is outstanding, the effect is eye-catching, the glue is strong, the stick is fast, and the use is convenient. Therefore, the product quickly became popular as soon as it appeared. It is now popular in Japan, Korea and Japan, and has been widely used in southern China.