What are the necessary equipment for making silk screen printing signs?

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What are the necessary equipment for making silk screen printing signs?

Some of the brand's cards are straight, some are curved; some are just a flat plate, and some are made of a back. Some are wide, and some have a narrow card attached to the main card. There are single and several combinations.

The cards are made of aluminum alloy with black plastic or white metal plugs on both ends.

The back is made of plastic that matches the shape of the board.

These plugs and backings are made by injection molding, most of which are purchased from the South and are cheap.

What you can do is to create the card face and screen print according to the graphic content and color font provided by the customer.

Therefore, it is not easy to make a fine file! The difficulties are as follows:

(1) Layout processing.

The color of the layout must be uniform and the paint applied will be elegant and beautiful;

The layout must be roughened to hold the paint or ink firmly, without curling, bubbling, smudges, or paint.

(2) The layout is fine.

The card is mostly silvery white, and silver white is divided into many kinds, semi-bright, matt, large particles, small particles; white, gray, etc.

(3) Screen printing technology.

In practice, you will be surprised to find out which kind of ink, which meshes, the number of times the photoresist is applied, and the thickening of the ink are all problems.

(4) The main deck size of this sign is about 28 cm × 12 cm. It is about 3-5 colors to be printed. Some cards are already in stock. More are the sizes required by customers. You must use large sheets. The aluminum plate is cut into small pieces and made by yourself. This will encounter a series of paint problems: paint, paint, paint and so on. The quality of the face of such a sign is crucial. Therefore, it is necessary to use paint technology.

(5) The two ends of the curved card are folded one bend and fastened to the card seat. The bending machine cannot be purchased on the market. Regarding the use of lacquer, what is the difference between baking and painting after baking, it is very different. The curing of the paint is generally divided into three forms: natural drying and curing; curing agent curing; baking curing. In terms of fastness, baking is the strongest; in terms of color, curing agent and baking are the best; in terms of cheap labor, natural curing is best.