What is metal flat sun sign

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What is metal flat sun sign

The flat sun sign is mainly a kind of metal sign that uses the photo sun sign method to dissolve different colors into the film and makes it appear on the metal plate through the development method.

  The following is the specific process and formula of several flat metal signages that are often contacted (the process of flat signage):

  Luanping aluminum sign: It is a method of using photosensitive plate-making to put different pigments into the plastic film so that its characters and patterns are displayed on the metal plate, so as to achieve a meaningful metal nameplate.

  1) Feeding: The wool size is generally larger than the plate size (more than 5mm), and the surface of the board is smooth and free of pits.

  2) Pre-treatment: ①polishing ②drawing ③treatment ④oxidation and other methods.

  3) Water sealing: The treated board should be immersed in water quickly after degreasing and membrane removal, and should not be in contact with air.

  4) Glue: Glue solution configuration. Glue: 200-230 g of water: 1000 ml. Boil in boiling water for 2 hours to fully dissolve the glue. When the temperature is lowered to 30-50 ° C, add 25-30 grams of photosensitizer (ammonium butyrate), and then coat the glue evenly. Dry on metal plate.

  5) Exposure: Use the SB750 vacuum exposure machine for photo exposure. After taking the lamp 60-90cm for 40-80 seconds, put it in warm water for 1 minute and put it in the color solution for dyeing.

  6) Gloss-proof: After being fully dyed, dry it with a brush or spray gun and apply gloss-proof paint (usually eye-painted or no-bake gloss-proof paint).

  7) Cut into.

  Luanping signs are generally used on indoor products, small appliances and equipment affected by non-absolute weather. The advantages are simple plate making process, fast speed, prompt delivery, and low defect rate. The disadvantage is that it fades easily under the sun and rain. Do not make outdoor signs.