What is the difference between corrosion and silk screen printing?

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What is the difference between corrosion and silk screen printing?

The two processes of corrosion and silk screen printing are two traditional processes commonly used in sign making. Many guests often don't understand, although they have real things on hand, they just can't figure out what the craftsmanship is. Fortunately, guests who are close will come to our factory to see it. Now let's teach you how to identify whether the sign on your hand is a corrosion or silk screen process.

The easiest way is to touch it by hand. If you feel bumpy, it is the corrosion process. If it is flat, it is the silk screen process. Of course, there are also bumps, stamping, die-casting, engraving, etc., not to mention here.

What is corrosion? It is to use the prepared chemical potion to corrode the surface of the metal sheet or to etch or rot. The place to be protected is protected, and the unnecessary places are exposed, so that the potion can be corroded or etched or rotted away from the exposed place. This creates a rough surface texture. The depth control of this etch is exquisite. If the word is too deep, the word will become thicker and will be smeared. It’s too light to get on.

What is silk screen? It is screen printing, which is better understood. Silk screen printing on the screen, you need to use ink. Different substrates should use different inks. Metallic inks are used for surface printing on metal sheets. Because the surface has only one layer of ink, there is almost no touch on the touch.

Because of the different processes, the price of corrosion signs is more expensive than the price of silk screen signs.

There are many customers who want to make silk screen signs from the perspective of cost, but they are worried that the words of silk screen signs will not be easy to drop. In fact, this kind of worry is superfluous. Corrosion and silk screen signs are to be placed in the oven for high temperature baking. The adhesion of high temperature baked ink or paint is very strong. It is generally difficult to get rid of. However, there are indeed some signs on the market that are easy to get rid of. It is because there is no high temperature baking or baking time. Another possibility is that the ink used is wrong.