Advertising sign carving post-processing

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Advertising sign carving post-processing

We will bring you the relevant knowledge points of post-processing techniques for advertising sign carving, and we hope you will be satisfied.

1. The engraving settings should choose the three-dimensional engraving (some people call it: two-dimensional and half-engraving) scheme as much as possible, and choose a 90-degree tapered knife for engraving, which visually weakens the rough feeling on the engraving surface of the fiber board.

2. When engraving is set, do not appear layered engraving, set to the best depth at one time, it can be achieved by changing the cutter. This is because overlapping marks will appear after layered engraving, which affects the smoothness of lacquering at the engraved part.

3. Since the surface of the workpiece is affixed with a sticky note before engraving, you can rest assured when filling. Directly use a brush to fill by hand, save paint and labor, and the effect is not bad.

4. When using self-painting paint to fill colors, spray the paint in a paper cup and let it stand for 15 minutes, then use a brush to dip the paint. Otherwise, the highly corrosive thinner in the self-painting will damage the paint surface of the workpiece.

Everyone is different. Of course, there are different ideas. Once you find something that needs to be corrected during the research process, please promptly submit it to our staff, thank you for your great help!