Common sign making equipment

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Common sign making equipment

Common sign making machines include screen printing machines, punching machines, laser marking machines, UV printers and so on. These devices can make patterns on the surface of signs, and UV printers have become more and more widely used in the pattern printing of signs in recent years. There are three main reasons for this:

1. Strong compatibility

The market demand for signs is huge. Metal doorplates, department cards, guide cards, unit medals, authorization cards, equipment nameplates, machine panels, flow charts, metal badges, metal rulers, etc. can be seen through a UV The printer prints patterns on it. In addition, it is also possible to print patterns on other advertising materials such as kt board, Wantong board, foam board and other materials, which meets the needs of advertising machines and advertising companies.

2.Save labor and high efficiency

Labor costs have become an increasingly expensive expense nowadays. UV printers precisely meet the needs of printing companies in this regard. One device and one technician can complete the printing process. In addition, the production time of the sign can be changed to minutes or ten minutes, which greatly saves production time. Even if the production of hundreds of signs is batched, it can be completed in a few hours.

3.High added value

Relying on the advantages of diy customizing and printing 3D relief three-dimensional effects on the signs, the gross profit has achieved 80%, and the net profit is close to 50%. In the past two years, user feedback has generally shown that an advertising store can earn investment in 8 months.

In addition, the importance of environmental protection has become increasingly prominent. The high pollution of traditional screen printing and the high energy consumption of stamping are becoming increasingly unsuitable for current printing needs. These have also forced signage companies to transform and select more suitable Machine.