How to choose materials for sign making

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How to choose materials for sign making

As the sign making process matures and the technology becomes better and better, there are more and more materials to choose from during the sign making process. How should we choose the right materials?

The main materials for sign making are copper, iron, aluminum, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, acrylic, and titanium. Of course there are some less common sign making materials. The main thing is mainly based on metal. In the process of selecting materials, we mainly filter the following aspects:

1. Gold fee budget. The price is mainly determined by the quantity, and the shape. The custom-made thing is of course the larger the price, the lower the price. To make a common specification, the mold fee can save a lot of money.

2. The location where the sign is placed. Whether it is placed indoors or in a room, or on the equipment, it will take into account the sun and rain.

3. Aesthetic level. It is reflected in the process of sign making, like metal wire drawing, high gloss, plastic drop, corrosion and so on.