Zinc alloy corrosion sign creative metal liquor nameplate

Zinc alloy liquor license plated embossed wine signage
High quality metal perfume bottle cap with different designs


Material: zinc alloy

Process: zinc alloy die-casting + polishing + electroplating ancient bronze + sweeping ancient fuel injection QQ picture 20181214111350.jpg
Size: 50*50*3.0MM

Our advantage:

We are a factory with more than 30 years of experience in making metal signage plates. We are very proficient in the various methods of metal signage. There are several ways to do this according to whether the LOGO of the product has bump effect:

First, the product’s LOGO is a flat effect: 4 color flat printing, or laser.

2. The LOGO of the product has the concave-convex effect: the LOGO comes out directly from the mold, and the raised LOGO is generally the color of the plating (such as: gold, silver, copper, etc.), and the LOGO can be filled with the requirements of the customer. Color This is the so-called baking varnish or coloring. In order to protect the color of the LOGO, it can be glued on the product. This is what is commonly called Gabriel (EPOXY or AP), and some after the pattern filling on the medal surface (drip oil) Take the polished cut surface which is what is commonly referred to as the false twist process.